About me

Until recently, my husband was the sole financial provider for our family while I stayed home full time with our kids. Being a new mother and staying home full time sounds great, but the truth is that I was miserable and I was struggling… 

We were in debt and we had way too many bills… My husband was working 10-12 hour days, 6 days a week so he was never home and he barely saw the kids. Whenever he was home, he was so exhausted and stressed out that he was never really present.  

I developed Post Partum anxiety and depression and I was quickly overwhelmed with everything... My husband and I began to drift apart, I slowly stopped doing the important things that hold meaning to me. I stopped taking care of myself… I felt numb and helpless. I began to question my capabilities… 

I felt inadequate as a mother, as a partner and as a human. I didn’t recognize who I was anymore.  This went on for too long...but eventually my husband and I came to the agreement that something NEEDED to change.  We knew we needed more time as a REAL family. We wanted to give our kids an amazing life filled with all sorts of experiences and memories!   

So, we woke up early before the kids, we stayed up late at night...I worked during nap times… And we started all sorts of online businesses! Forex, vlogging, Amazon FBA, Affiliate marketing… They all failed. We actually put ourselves an extra $30k in debt. But you see, everything really happens for a reason… Because through these failures, I gained so much insight into online business and how it all works… And I began to pay attention… 

I quickly realized that Social Media is what MADE businesses so dang successful. I found that Instagram is where most people spend most of their time on Social Media… I saw how Influencers were living these lives of true freedom, going and doing whatever they wanted… I found out how much businesses are paying these influencers for a single post…   And I had an epiphany!!  

Not only could we make enough money for Deven to quit work, but we could literally get paid just by being amazing parents and staying at home with our kids, even traveling and just experiencing life!! So I was determined to make it work! I immediately dove into researching everything I could on Instagram and Influencing. 

There was a lot of information, but most of it was outdated and didn’t even work with the current algorithm.  So I turned to the “gurus” who had already made it as influencers and bought their knowledge, their courses on how to do what they’ve done... Just to find out they were keeping the strategies that actually work to themselves and instead were selling the same basic and outdated information.  

But I was determined to achieve my dreams for myself and my family! And with a looooot of trial and error, I figured it out!   In less than a year, Ive grown to 100k+ followers, I’ve retired my husband from his job, I’m blessed to receive a ridiculous amount of free product and even get paid to post! I’ve even been blessed to take my family on collaborated vacations!!  This opportunity has truly changed mine and my family’s quality of life… 

And I know it can help so many other families like its has for mine! But I came to the realization that if any other Mom or person is trying to figure this stuff out.. They’d most likely give up... They would get discouraged...  Because there is nothing out there that gives you the information or the right strategies you need to succeed.   Which is why I created my course! “Ignite Your Influence in 90 Days” It’s designed with no fluff, no BS...just strategies that WORK In fact, its been proven to work time and time again already! 

My mission

Most ambitious moms struggle to make money from home doing something they actually love. I have created a system that teaches them how to monetize their passions on Instagram so they can fulfill their purpose,  become financially free and wake up excited every single day!